LET US BE your safety partner in the covid era.


G8Check is your partner in developing your plan to deal with Health & Safety on your set. 


Getting everyone on the same page requires a team dedicated to clear and concise messaging.


Our team and our On Site Health Safety Officers make sure your plan is executed professionally.


Our daily reporting keeps you updated on what happened that day and manages your data for contact tracing.


Get the day started on the right foot.

When we create a g8 for your event, we want everyone to feel welcome. From our tents, to our kiosks, anyone who arrives at your location will be greeted warmly by our professional "g8 agents."


Helping visitors know what to expect will make everything go more smoothly.


There is no substitute for a warm greeting and our g8 agents are experts at making your visitors feel welcomed.


Knowing what to expect is the first step to making your crew and visitors feel comfortable.


Get on the same page

Having your visitors read, understand and give their consent is critical in order to go to the next step of screening. Screening methods will vary from event to event, and our g8 agents will be keep attendees informed while executing the g8 Plan.

Consent forms

Legal reviewed and approved by your company, g8 agents will politely obtain permission to continue the screening process.

Screening Visitors

Our highly trained g8 agents will use the screening methods that your company requests. From asking questions to administering tests, we can handle the level of screening required.


Wellness policies and instruction

Transmit your companies daily safety goals, strategies and instruction.

Daily Safety Notices

Your on-site safety manager can record a daily video safety message that will be broadcast to your crew digitally and be available for viewing at the g8.

Special Instructions

Our g8 agents are expert communicators, making sure everyone knows where they should be and when they should be there.


Wristbands and Zones

Limiting access, complying with social distancing guidelines and making your crew and visitors know where they can and cannot be is key. 

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