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Founded by Wes Bailey, G8Check Health & Safety’s mission from its inception was to make each and every one of their sets the safest they could be in this Pre-COVID vaccine world.  Wes brings decades of production experience, from his years on set, to owning and running SirReel, which has been servicing the industry with sound stages, vehicles, production supplies and much more.  Wes partnered early on with great medical minds, while keeping his finger directly on the pulse of both the industry, and the deadly coronavirus. Keeping in lockstep with what was happening in the industry, he was ready when things slowly started rolling again.  Teaming with seasoned Producer Lynda Pribyl, the two started assembling a Health & Safety Team ready to pave the way for productions to resume...and they’ve done just that.     


Since that first job they’ve quickly become one of the most trusted names in Health & Safety.  In a segment of the industry that is brand new, their team already has more experience “on the job” than most.  In these first months, the G8Check team has done over 50 jobs from coast to coast.  It’s not simply the volume of work that has shaped and sharpened their skillset, but the diversity.  They’ve done countless commercials for companies like Smuggler and Furlined.  They’re handling longer form jobs for Netflix, Quibi and Hulu/Disney.  They’re even doing live events, working with the LA Opera, and now the Staples Center on what will be one of the biggest events this year in Los Angeles, the Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. fight. They’ve worked in virtually every setting, from location, to soundstages and beyond.  Whether downstage at the Dolby theater, or rolling down the road in the Redwoods, the G8Check Team is constantly learning how to keep cast and crew even safer each day. 


G8Check specializes in coordinating fully complete & compliant health and safety plans with productions based on studio, union and non-union guidelines which are executed by top COVID Certified Health Safety Supervisors and Managers, Sanitizing Crew and Security. G8Check is able to offer all of the products and services necessary to guarantee the safety of any set.  From every type of Personal Protective Equipment, to Electrostatic Sprayers, to mobile On-site Testing Facilities, every necessary safety measure for any size set or crew is in house.  Aligning themselves with top laboratories and testing facilities around the globe, G8Check is now offering their full range of services internationally.  

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