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G8Check, pronounced “gate check,”  was born as an idea for providing an extra measure of security on film sets—a way to screen those coming and going. It may have been an idea that was before its time, because there wasn’t an appetite to spend valuable budget dollars on a new line item. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Founder Wes Bailey saw that a modified version of the business plan would find its place in the entertainment industry. Long a proponent of “making life easier” for production teams, Wes understood that the inordinate responsibilities surrounding managing health and safety properly during Covid would be a roadblock to productions returning to work. Consulting with medical experts and on-boarding seasoned production professionals, the reinvented G8Check began to collaborate with flummoxed production teams who needed help in getting their projects back on track. The overwhelming response to the solutions that G8Check is offering has been both affirming and exciting to the G8Check team who thrives on being a part of the solution for the entertainment industry in the Covid-era.


Wes Bailey

Nearly 30 years ago, Wes began his journey in production where many do—as a Production Assistant, eager to learn all he could about production. Very quickly, he found himself in the Transportation Department, learning to manage the rolling stock on hundreds of film sets.  But his set savvy extended far beyond that of transportation.  His opportunity to work closely with Producers led him to found SirReel Studio Rentals, which began by providing Production and Talent Motorhomes, but grew to provide a full one-stop shopping experience for productions in the LA area.  Over the years, SirReel has grown into one of the most respected names in the industry, collaborating with thousands of clients on hundreds of projects each year.  SirReel now boasts a portfolio of stages and standing sets, a full grip and lighting department, a fleet of trucks and motorhomes and a warehouse full of production supplies and walkies.  This unique combination of his experience on-set and in crafting an efficient organizational structure geared toward finding solutions for his clients in virtually every aspect of production makes him a formidable ally to anyone looking for “the way forward.”  


Wes founded G8Check as he wanted to find the safest, smartest and most efficient strategies for implementing the protocols necessary to start rolling again in these unprecedented times.  In fact, as the industry was shutting down, he was already on-boarding specialists from epidemiologists to clinicians, along with industry experts, ensuring that the G8Check team was ready for the green light.  With the aid and advice of those experts, he developed the basis of the G8Check System. He has assembled a team of driven, intelligent and production savvy people to find the answers that so many production teams are seeking as they head back to work.  Even as the landscape shifts and the challenges of each production appear, Wes and the entire G8Check team are continually diving deeper into providing solutions to their clients as productions ramp back up in the Covid era.


Lynda Pribyl

Lynda started off in production nearly 25 years ago.  Very quickly she was on a fast track towards producing multi-million dollar campaigns for top agencies and production companies.  Though her experience has reached far beyond the world of commercials.  Over her decades in the industry, she has worked on virtually everything ranging from scripted & non-scripted television & film to live events catering to tens of thousands of attendees.   Working with crews of 3 to 300, she understands the needs of any and all types of production.   Well before the current global pandemic, the welfare and safety of her cast, crew, and everyone involved has always been paramount.  Lynda and Wes have been working together, running the gamut on shoots for over 20 years now.  Their shorthand with and trust for one another makes Lynda the perfect fit for the G8Check team.   


Lynda’s vast experience, from pre to post is of immense value to the G8Check process.  No matter what stage of production, Lynda understands how to implement the necessary protocols and procedures to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.  She clearly understands the needs of, and how best to work with each type of production team...no matter how big or small.  She has established relationships with crew, vendors and countless other industry professionals that help streamline the G8Check processes and procedures.  Her relationships with, and knowledge of DGA, SAG and the many locals of IATSE will prove to be invaluable as we all continue to define the safest and surest way forward.  Lynda’s integral role in the G8Check team is to ensure that each and every production client is serviced to the highest and safest of standards.     


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