Zone Basics

Creating Zones at your event ​helps every attendee know where they can and can't. Our g8 Coordinators will work with you to establish zones and manage wristbands to promote health and security measures. They will work with your Event Planner to customize the number of wristbands allowed in each zone, as well as what screening measures will be required for issuance of each zone's wristbands.


Wristbands will be issued daily and will only be good for the date issued.

Blue Zones

This is the most protected zone at your event and will have the fewest number of wristbands distributed as well as the most robust daily screening measures as determined by the Event Planner.  Maximum social distancing must occur when interacting with anyone not wearing a blue wristband; however, Blue Zone attendees may move within all other zones.

Green Zones


The intermediate Green wristband holders can access all zones except the Blue Zones.

Orange Zones

Orange wristband holders, while permitted at your event, will be restricted to specifically marked Orange​ Zones and will receive the most lenient of screening processes as determined by the Event Planner.

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